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To qualify as a future supplier of DZ BANK AG, please follow the registration process of our supplier platform. Upon completion, which will take approx. 10 min., we will ask you to accept the "General Purchasing Conditions" as well as the "Agreement on the use of DZ BANK" for our supplier platfom. For your comfort both documents will be provided in English language; however, the German version is the leading and binding version.

The supplier ensures the correctness, integrity, and completeness of the entered data. Criteria listed in the questionaires are minimum requirements to our suppliers; naturally, this includes criteria on German law. DZ BANK will save the data in its supplier database in order to use it as a basis for future purchasing-related decisions as well as the execution of the purchasing process, including electronic placement of orders.

For our existing suppliers the supplier platform will also support the supplier evaluation process as well as the tracking of agreed measures. We will contact you asap if we receive an actual need from our departments which coincides with your portfolio.

Please note that upon approval of your registration you'll receive an e-mail with your user name generated by the system. The password is the one you chose within the registration process. With user name and password you will be able to reenter the system at a later date. For further questions please refer to the support (see above on the right side).

!!!Please note!!!: DZ BANK AG provides only selected content of this supplier platform in English language as the vast majority of departments communicates in German. A profound knowledge of the German language, both written and orally, will be a prerequisite for > 95% of orders.

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To communicate with your company via the portal, your e-mail address is required. While your registration is pending, all information will be directed to that e-mail address. The user name which will be assigned upon activation of the account and all future e-mails will be sent to that address. So please make sure this e-mail address is correct.
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